2014 – Fracking Attacks Abita

2014 – Fracking Attacks Abita

In 2014 we learned a lot of new and disturbing things about fracking and St. Tammany Parish’s Leadership. In spite of a compendium of hundreds of health studies confirming our fears that fracking makes people sick, and oil prices dropping like a rock, the push to Frack through our water supply grinds on.

We’ve seen that our small-town Mayor has the balls to take a BIG stand, and our kids are watching what we do. We’ve read disheartening emails from some of our Parish employees that show them actively working against our wishes, and on behalf of private, out of town companies. Don Shea, for one, refers to those of us who do not support fracking as “clowns” and “tin foil hat” wearing loons.

How ironic that in our “Republican Stronghold” Parish many of our elected officials have aligned themselves with other massively disappointing bureaucrats like President Obama and his EPA, Interior Department, and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. They’ve assured us that fracking can be done safely, in spite of studies that show fracking’s impact on air quality is worse than burning coal. Let that sink in.

Unfortunately, it appears that some in St. Tammany Parish’s Leadership will never wake up and digest the recent research, as long as the money keeps flowing into their pockets. We see this happening in other States (that we often thumb our noses at as being “liberal pantywaists”) like Maryland’s Governor O’Malley who actively disregarded his own health department’s study and moved to expose his people to fracking. Also as newly-elected Governor Tom Wolfe’s moves to keep fracking Pennsylvania, despite all the local opposition and confirmation that drinking water is being poisoned.

So what are we left to think?  Here at Save Abita, our opinion is that short-sighted, greedy local politicians have been exposed like cockroaches on the kitchen floor, skittering for cover as the lights come on and the price of oil continues to drop.   The lure of quick, easy money, a big change in the DA’s office, and a motivated, educated and vocal public may help to single-out these pests. As more information comes out, what will they do when left there, standing alone and exposed in the clear sight of ethics rules, voters, neighbors and fellow citizens?

In 2015 we have to continue to spread the word, and fight to SAVE ABITA.  When you have a minute, please join us and “like” the SAVE ABITA FACEBOOK PAGE, and we’ll keep you up to date on the latest information, as we get it.

If we don’t speak before then, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If you pray, please pray the good people at Helis have a change of heart and pull the plug on this high risk, low-odds project. Who knows, stranger things have happened.