Abita Springs Town Council – What’s Your Position?

Since the onset of the threat to the Town of Abita Springs, we’ve been under the assumption that our elected officials have set aside small-town politics and united behind our Mayor to SAVE ABITA.  However, early in March, there were grumblings about backroom efforts to undermine Mayor Lemons’ aggressive stance against Fracking in St. Tammany Parish.

Prior to the March 4th Town Hall Meeting, questions were floating around and citizens began voicing their concerns. A week later, there still appears to be a bit of confusion about the will of our Town’s Leadership. Rather than give credence to rumor, we here at SAVE ABITA would like to put the grumblings to rest, and move forward with the business of protecting our Town.

SAVE ABITA invites each member of the Abita Springs Town Council to answer one, simple question, with a “yes” or “no” answer:

Would Fracking in St. Tammany Parish Be Good for Abita Springs?

We will post each Council member’s position as soon as it becomes available. Until then, please feel comfortable sharing this post and our Facebook page with the Council Members.

Good_for_Abita_DanielDaniel Curtis

Good_for_Abita_Gina  Gina Kilpatrick Harper

Good_for_Abita_LeslieLeslie Welliver


Patrick Berrigan

Good_for_Abita_RyanRyan Murphy