Helis to Risk Aquifer Based on Coin Flip Odds

Odds no better than coin-flip

Helis spokesman says, “…probably a less than 50-percent chance that [the fracking well] will be economically viable.”

Based on odds no better than a coin flip, Helis Oil, as reported at Nola.com, will push forward and risk contamination of the The Southern Hills aquifer system.

The chances of commercial success are less than what they might be otherwise because the proposed well is on the southern edge of the ancient and vast Tuscaloosa Marine Shale deposit that stretches across the state’s mid-section, according to Michael Barham, the project manager for Helis and a longtime Slidell resident.

“The guess is that we think that it’s probably a less than 50-percent chance that it will be economically viable because we are so far out of the (shale) trend,” said Barham, a petroleum engineer. “It is such a big step out . . . It could work. We’re hopeful. We obviously hope it works, but we think the chances are less than 50 percent that it will work.”

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