Safety Record Brought Into Question

As reported in a article , hoping to counter some of the public criticism of its proposed fracking project, Helis Oil & Gas Co. recently sent letters to officials across the parish pledging to conduct the drilling operation in a “respectful and disciplined” manner, and touting their safety and environmental record.

However, scratch the surface and you’ll find the the following report after a 2001 well failure Investigation of Blowout, Injuries, & Fatality, Brazos Block 417, OCS-G 22190, Well 1  that resulted in a well blowout, environmental contamination, injuries, and a fatality.

“The rig floor safety valve was stabbed, but would not close with two men applying torque to the handle. The two men were burned on their arms and back by the hot mud. (The mud flowline temperature was approximately150°Fahrenheit). A third man assisted in the attempt to close the valve, and sufficient torque was applied to the closing handle to shear it off at the key opening of the valve…The mudflow increased until it was shooting over the top of the derrick. Gas began to flow with the mud from the drill pipe, and it became unsafe to continue work on the rig floor. The rig abandonment alarm was sounded at 0425 hours.”